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Water Treatment, Southeast Texas

Improve the quality of your water with custom solutions from The Watersmith. Our company provides water filtration systems that purify your H2O, making it safe and palatable. Contact us today for more details.


Stand Alone Components 

The Watersmith sells most all types of water treatment equipment.  We also offer complete installation and service after the fact.  We handle the best brand names in the business to insure our customers the most worry free and maintenance free performance for years to come.

  • General Filtration    •  Water Softeners    •  Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Iron Filtraion    •  Oder Removal    •  Pumps and Pressure Tanks
  • Pressure and Level Controls

Intergrated Systems

After your water is analyzed and the customer is interviewed, the Watersmith will design a system to meet their needs.  That could be water for an entire complex or just a breakroom to make coffee.  We have over 35 years of experience to design the right combination of equipment and controls to provide the best performance available. 

Service & Maintenance
Once your system is installed, we provide service contracts that keep it in peak condition. Consultation and maintenance services are also available for systems we did not sell.


Call us at (877) 547-2270 to schedule maintenance services for your water filtration system today.