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Residential Systems



Most home or small commercial Systems consist of 2 separate systems, one to treat the whole house or office and one installed under the kitchen sink running to a separate faucet.

Example:  Install a water softener to treat the water for the whole house and a reverse osmosis system to purify the water at the kitchen sink for drinking and cooking.

Commercial Systems                             

1. 5 Micron Poly filter.  Filters sediment and particles down to 5 microns in size.

           Give your employees fresh pure water for drinking, coffee and ice.  Protect your expensive equipment such as ice machines and coffee makers with purified water treated with filtration, softening and reverse osmosis.  We provide the best commercial sized equipment in the industry.

2 and 3. Carbon block filters to take out chlorine and organic compounds to protect the membrane.

4. DOW FILMTEC© membrane to remove 95 to 99% of dissolved impurities, such as salts, heavy metals, bacteria and viruses.

5. Coconut shell carbon filter to polish the taste of the treated water.